by Crystal Lake TX

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Recorded in my bedroom. Mastered at the Loop Studios by Wayne Maroney. Released digitally on Subvergent Records.

A remastered version of this album is now available on CD/Cassette via Close Quarters Coalition. You can purchase the physical copy and other merch by following the link below


released December 13, 2013



all rights reserved


Crystal Lake TX Corpus Christi, Texas

Band. Texas.

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Track Name: Welcome to the Hellmouth
I must say this is the last place I expected to see you. For the first time it's not easy to breathe in such a small place and this far underwater. But of course you know what it feels like to be this in-cohesive and broken. But of course you know what exactly I am thinking. I know you are too. I must admit I've never felt this way before. I'd rather die right now then discover what I'm waiting for.
Track Name: Fluorescent
Do you remember that night? And that cold fluorescent light? It was getting dark and we were both so.....

Can't we just get away? It was the same dead December. The one you don't remember. I swear I thought I'd get better. But I should've known that I'd never find the means to get away.

I'll never forget that cold fluorescent light. And the constant fights. You swore you wouldn't either.
Track Name: Is That What You Call A Getaway?
How does it feel knowing everything you've done? I couldn't move. I couldn't breathe at all. I don't think that I'll ever be as miserable as I am now. Nothing's quite so comforting. I don't think that I ever left. Everything will fall in to place (apart).
Track Name: Accretionary-Wedge Complex
I know I wreak of sin. I hoped that you wouldn't notice. But if we're both being honest, so do you. It's just a part of my everlasting restlessness. It's just a part of me. Just waiting for my memory to fade. Just waiting while my future's escaping. I didn't plan for this. But I guess that the weather isn't the only thing that's changing. I hope this doesn't (but I know it will) change everything. I hope that this isn't the last time that we speak.
Track Name: Remission
Did you ever think you'd get stuck with a cancer like me? Something to make you feel sick every minute of every day. The way only you can say "go away." Happiness three hundred miles away. This feet won't take me that far. What would take you that far? Are you as uncomfortable as me; feel this anxiety daily? Like when you'd say to me, the things you said to me. And I'll ask the same questions over and over again, in my head. Questions I already know the answers to. There's not a fucking thing I can do. There's nothing left in me but a shadow of you. I can't stop thinking about everything between then and now. About how this is all my fault.